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Dreaming of a Better Way

To Handle Your Marketing?

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Connecting Marketing, Sales & Strategy

For Maximum Results

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• We can Help Automate your Marketing Efforts with solutions
• We can be an extension of your current staff advocates
• We can bring in new prospective advocates and nurture existing ones
• So you can,,,

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Enjoy Success

Smart Marketing for Outbound and Inbound Needs

SmartThoughts is dedicated to helping clients develop strategy, execute optimized marketing automation initiatives and #SocialSelling processes. Smarketing = Alignment between Sales and Marketing. We are committed to helping both your marketing and sales team speak the same language and reach the mission of your organization. We have a diverse background rooted in years of experience solving business problems for our clients who are faced with minimal resources, time, and sales and marketing acumen to develop both an inbound and outbound marketing program.


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Our services include

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Sales & Marketing Strategy

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Lead Generation

Event Attendee Acquisition

Event Acquisition

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Data Services

Competitive Analysis

Software Selection

Need some assistance with assessing your needs for technology options? We can help!


Inbound Marketing

Social media is hungry for content .We can help create the content you need to remain relevant.

ACT-ON Consult

ACT-ON Consultation

We can help deliver where your staff needs assistance managing your marketing campaigns in house with ACT-ON!

SMART (SPECIFIC Measureable  Achievable Relevant Time Based) Goals tied to a holistic approach  containing Strategy, Execution of Inbound, Social, and Outbound Marketing activities with the proper AMS, CRM, and Marketing Automation software in place.

About us

Experts in Delivering Measurable Results

Since 1996, we have been working with technology to help organizations solve business problems. Today, we are experts in sales and marketing. And, we  are excited about working with you to define strategy and executing in the areas determined to be a need. We care about your success and delivering solutions for your clients which solves problems. 

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